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Thread: Reseller Hosting: Your Picks?

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    Question Reseller Hosting: Your Picks?

    I'm interested in reselling webspace for several of my clients that use Joomla CMS among other programs. A do a decent bit of small-time web development such to the point that getting a reseller plan with managed support would be a good service to offer. Currently I've encouraged clients to sign up for a cheap plan with the following host:


    I've been fairly happy with their uptime and reasonable prices, so I've consider using their reseller plan:


    My only concern is that occasionally their support (used only through a online ticket system) can be a tad unpredictable. While they are fairly knowledgeable about issues, their English is sometimes a bit lacking. As a semi-tech-guru I can usually figure out what they are getting at with minimal fuss. However, for non-techies it seems that perhaps it would be the greatest value to the customers if they had a support system that has techs fluent in English and preferably phone support as well.

    Do any of you webmasters out there recommend a good reseller plan that is newbie friendly? Any links to compare the various options that are out there would be awesome. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that at least several AO members do their own reselling plan, what has your experience been with the choices out there? Thank you as always for your feedback!

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    HostDime is an excellent host not only for regular plans but reseller plans as well.


    The support there is excellent. I've rarely had to wait more than a couple hours for a response from their ticketing system. Their forums are an excellent resource where you can get a lot of help and there is a least one of their techs on to answer back within a few minutes.

    Here's a great site...click on 'search for reseller hosting plans', you can choose different hosts and compare them by features. It's very detailed.

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