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Thread: Windows freezing

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    Windows freezing

    Hi all

    Recently my computer keeps freezing once booted up.
    A strange clicking noise comes from the base unit and after a while the icons on the desktop disappear and it just sits like that with the clicking noise.

    I opened the base up and powered on, the noise seems to be coming from the hard drive.

    Do yous think a new hard drive will resolve the problem?


    Also, my computer is about 5 years old, so will a new hard drive work ok in it?

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    Try hooking another HDD in if you can.

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    Give us your specs plz ( OS, ram, maker of ur HDD etc...) that will help out alot.
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    i dont have another hdd, im gonna have to buy a new one, theres no-one i can ask for a lend of one either

    windows xp
    no name on hdd

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    Yes, a new HDD will work on your computer, but stick to IDE because I doubt your board has onboard SATA... In this case it would seem that your HDD is about to fail...?? Better be safe then sorry and get a new HDD and transfer your files from your old one to the new one... I know, pain in the ass and not to cost effective... Try to borrow one if you can, from another computer in the house or a friend...
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    thanks for the reply, thats all i wanted!

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    Hi aaronmcl,

    Thank-you for your PM...

    its hardly spamming the forums d@ckhead, 2 posts!!!
    After the_JinX asked you not to make two threads concerning the same subject your reply to him was such I felt you deserved to be negged.

    Your wonderful reply assures me that I was right.

    Thank-you and have a nice day!


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    hi hmmm,
    you have xp on 128 mg memory?
    that can be cause of your freezing system.
    128 mg memory is not sufficient to run xp and as your system is 5 yers old it wouldn be newer type of memory either.
    thats definitelly not enough to run that os.
    but at the same time hard drive can be failing too.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    Get your glad rags on because you're going SHOPPING

    New HDD [IDE as stated - at LEAST as big as the original - 40GB are cheapest nowadays though]
    RAM grab a couple of sticks of 256MB SDR [check the old one for speed - I suspect 100MHZ, although 133MHz will do, IF they are matched]

    then whilst out, head to the local A+E, and have them pull that stick out of your Butt ..........

    its hardly spamming the forums d@ckhead, 2 posts!!!
    Charming .......

    I WAS wondering how you had got to grey when all your posts are in this thread ........
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