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Thread: The end of the world?

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    The end of the world?

    Time Warner stock rallied Thursday on reports that it's holding talks with Microsoft regarding an alliance with or investment in America Online.

    ok, maybe not that bad...but pretty close. If bill Gates pulls this off, he should change his name to God. I mean seriously, they cant beat google, so they go and basicly pay googles largest piece of profit from paying them anymore.
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.

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    Hi XTC,

    Well..I for one hope Microsoft has a major run in with Murphy's far as I'm concerned, no one should have that much power or money...once you hit a billion dollars that's enough...time to let others get their share of the pie.

    You make a billion dollars...sell your shares...take your 1000 million dollars...go to the beach...and give someone else a chance at the helm.


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    Well .. the deal is on the cards and only some informed sources have disclosed it according to No news from any of official sources of M$ or AOL. AOL is compelled to look for an investor owing to its concerns of falling subscriber base... May be they will pull it off may be not...

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    neh.. won't be the end of the world.. It's not in the list..

    Also nice to see another urban legend come true

    I'm wondering..
    AOL - which has seen net users leave the service in their millions over recent years - is no stranger to reports about its future.
    How big is AOL at the moment ??
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    Well...according to this...AOL is not just talking to Microsoft...

    One of Thursday's best performers is Time Warner (NYSE:TWX), which has rallied nearly four percent to retake control of its 10-day and 20-day moving averages. This morning's New York Post reported that the media conglomerate is holdings talks to unload a stake of its America Online (AOL) unit to Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) web division, MSN. The newspaper also referenced potential discussions with Google (GOOG) and Yahoo! (YHOO) regarding a potential sale or venture with AOL. Dow Jones Newswires quoted the ever-trustworthy "person familiar with the matter" as noting that the talks are "very preliminary" and might "not lead to a deal."

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    The funny thing about Gates is his will. My sister came over and turned on VH1 a while back and they were doing a segment about Rich kids. They brought up Bill Gate's kids and what they are in line to inherit. Well, according to the show, he's giving them about 10 million or so a piece and then donating the rest of his money. Now that's insane. Almost admirable. I guess someone is trying to buy their way in heaven after living their life as the 500 pound gorilla of the computer world.

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    I think thats why it is said Mr Gates knows buisness at the speed of thought

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    dude his dad was a lawyer and as we all know the apple doesnt dall far from the tree ..
    anything that doesn\'t kill you or your dreams only makes you stronger

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    think of the distrobution markets that will open up, much less the new MS cds we will get in the mail, touting IE and MS online

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