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Thread: McAfee starts selling security gateways

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    McAfee starts selling security gateways

    Found this article this morning on my Google homepage and thought it may prompt a good discussion.

    McAfee has produced a line of multi-purpose Internet security appliances for content filtering, taking its first step into gateway-based anti-spyware protection.

    McAfee’s Secure Web Gateway, available as a 100Mbit/s model 3300 or a 200Mbit/s model 3400, fends off spyware and viruses and provides URL-based filtering. In a recent review, it earned the top score and was effective in detecting and blocking 90 percent of the spyware launched against it, narrowly beating out competing products from Trend Micro, Aladdin Knowledge Systems and Blue Coat Systems.


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    Came across one of these the other day. Didn't even know they were on the market.
    Customer of ours was having DoS like traffic, turns out it was the above mentioned box.
    Apparently it runs off of Linux. Come to find out the box itself got nailed by a linux vulnerability.
    The second the box was removed, normal traffic ensued.

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