This state agency's IT division makes a huge effort to make sure that all the servers it's responsible for statewide are protected by passcodes, says a pilot fish on the team.
"However, here at the district level, several of the server closets were designed as, well, storage closets," fish says. "Without air conditioning.

"This means that if the door gets closed, the server quickly overheats, causing it to crash. So in a couple of the closets, I was instructed to install temperature sensing devices that, when triggered, begin to page the supervisors."

Fast-forward several months. At one office, the cleaning crew finishes for the day. They close the server closet door -- with predictable results.

"Pagers go off all night long," says fish. "But there is no immediate response because the supervisors already suspect what has happened.

"Their solution: Put a sign up on the door that says 'PLEASE DO NOT SHUT DOOR.'

"So much for the physical aspect of security..."