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Thread: Online Scammers

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    Online Scammers

    Since the Whole Katrina thing ive heard alot about Scammers and some report said there were thousands of websites outthere raising money for Katrina relief whilst over 70% of those sites are scammers.

    My questions here is surely It can't be that easy to scam people , I know anyone can either put a website up and/or send out millions of websites but the hard bit is got to be accepting payments.

    Surely the average scammer knows that if they accept money in any electronic format their account/account details can be retrieved and thus they will be caught.

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    It's not that they take "Donations" Scammers set up pages asking you to input your credit card information, pin number and amount you wish to donate.

    They appear to be a secure, trusting site like Red Cross or whatever.

    Once they have your credit card and pin # They just empty your account.

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