Well, this is unexpected. Canada's two largest high-speed internet providers -- and cut-throat rivals -- are going in together to build a coast-to-coast wireless service. Bell is what is left of the old telephone monopoly (still provides the vast majority of local service, although I just heard ads this week for Roger's local service . . . ) and Roger's is a newer media company with television and newpaper holdings.

As long as there has been high-speed these two have been battling it out for users, so much so that neither has been very profitable in that area (last I heard, anyway). Have they finally realized that more money is to be made by working together ? Is this the beginning of the end of cheap internet in Canada ?

Bitter rivals Rogers Communications Inc. and Bell Canada have agreed to jointly build and manage a wireless high-speed Internet network that is expected to reach more than two-thirds of Canadians in less than three years.