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    3 worms

    hello how is everyone today ? I am on windows 2000 pro.

    1.) downloaded exe file off p2p program and thought it was something it wasn't. upon executing the file i launched 3 worm viruses into my system. Alcan.A, Gaobot Worm, & Mugly.

    1.) i used xoft anti-spy to clean out the virii code. i am pretty sure that i have cleaned the virus 100% with 1 exception.

    1.) my windows system32 folder does not appear on the list when i go to windows directory unless i manually type in the directory c:\windows\system32

    1.) Went into folder options and did the obvious show hidden files and do not hide system files with a clean reboot, but that did not work.
    2.) Ran a dos attrib scan for the windows directory and discovered that system32 was not listed.
    3.) Ran a disk fixer scan with my fix-it utilites program and also performed a CHKDSK scan upon reboot. some errors were fixed and some files were restored, but still the system32 folder does not display when i open my windows folder.

    open to suggestions please...

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    I fixed it

    thanks to a friend in another forum i managed to fix the problem, but i wanted to tell everyone here how i did it.

    Open dos command prompt and type: attrib -a -h -r -s c:\windows\system32

    thanks all and hope this helps anyone who may have same problem.

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    isle you gave the solution to if one of the folder is missing but what about if in My Computer it is not showing all hard drives's partion,only can be viewed if we type it's address in the addd. bar.this problem is in my friend's computer,any suggestion.
    also is xsoft anti spy goood,i am using SPYBOT,VIEWED their ratings SPYDOC was highest,but couldn't get it free,any suggestion to my prob.

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    hey shals well i have used a program called partition magic 8.0 from power quest which helped me get rid of unwanted excess partitions so u may wanna try that. i am not sure about any dos commands for making the drive letter show up. xoft is good so is spybot. i recommend webroot spy sweeper as the best anti-spyware program out there.

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    isle you are getting confused, my partitions are well and good, iam saying that if they are not viewed when we open My Computer icon.other stuff like My Documents or Floppy drive CD\DVD drive are visible,is it due to any above mentioned virus

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    For partitions to be seen as drives (remember those drives are logical abstraction of partitions).

    If you are using Win2K/XP/2K3 start--->run--->diskmgmt.msc

    There you can see all the partions and assigned drive letters. Also you can create a drives linked to
    of folders.

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