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    Good TV

    If you're in the UK.

    I don't watch much TV these days but my fav program came back on Channel 4 last night.

    Scrapheap challenge.


    Hackers with gas axes. If you like to tinker with anything you'll probably like this. Plus Lisa Riley ain't bad.

    It was remade for the US as 'Junkyard wars'. The US version was good but I still think the eccentric weirdos on the UK version are better.

    This weeks was to build an underwater car to drive along the sea bed. Next week is to build machines to karate chop various materials. Sounds crap but it's cracking telly.

    There is a pic of the winning team in action.

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    The learning Channel used to have a shop that seems similar called Junkyard Wars. People would create vehicles that needed to do certain tasks out of junkyard parts. Doesnt look like they are doing it this season though. I havent watched it in a while since I dont have cable.
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    My favourite episode was the flying machine one

    Britain v France v America

    3 teams of nutters building a plane from scratch AND flying it

    Britain won natch

    but, just watching the detail, and then getting airworthiness certificates too........
    good TV

    especially as France lost
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