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Thread: Possible legal ramifications?

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    Possible legal ramifications?

    Saw this on a forum:

    Want to browse lots of good results from two leading authorities, in a quick compact clean format ?

    DoubleTrust is based on the simple premise that trusting two authorities is better than one. You want better search results, but don't want to use the top two search engines separately. DoubleTrust solves the problem for you.


    Now,I'm wondering...is this entirely legal?using the Google and Yahoo names,first.
    Second,if it is..why not just make a site that just 'requests' other search engines and displays the results?A small delay in showing the results perhaps,but..I dont know,it doesnt seem fair?

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    Judging from his blog, it looks like Yahoo's not very happy with it.
    I don't think this guy is aware of the major lawsuits that could be stockpiled against him (you know, unless both Google and Yahoo! are GPL'd, which I somehow doubt a teeny tiny teensy bit).. It looks like he did that on a whim and didn't really bother to ask Google and Yahoo! if it was OK to leech off of them like a maniac.
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    I think this will be interesting. The guy's not pretending to be a "Search Engine". Doesn't look like he's making any money off the thing. Unless google and yahoo have something in their AUP stating that multiple or large requests are not allowed, what can this guy be sued for?

    In the end all he did was write a tool that uses existing services. Doesn't dogpile do that?

    What's the difference?

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