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Thread: My Flash and Javascript done like eachother

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    Angry My Flash and JavaScript don't like eachother

    Another Flash Question:

    Y'all were so helpful with my last question, I just had to ask this one. I have a few little flash moives (banners) playing on my web page. I also have some javascript dropdown menus. When ever I put my the Flash banners on the page were the javascript drops down over the top of them... the flash actually plays on top of the javascript menu and makes that section of the menu unusable. Is there a way to have the Javascript menus run over the top of the Flash?

    I know, I know... All you Flash programmers probably think I should just create some Flash dropdown menus, but the menu items change occasionally and it's a lot easier to change JavaScript code than to change an animation (I think so anyway).

    Please help!


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    Give this solution a shot:


    If this doesn't work for you...you may try other menuing options or finding another place to embed the banners away from the menuing system.
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    Just what I needed! Thanks.

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