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Thread: https wont work

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    https wont work

    every time that i try to get on a secure web page (https) it wont allow me to. what do i do

    For example on the sign in page of yahoo if i were to click on secure it wont come up

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    Okay, basic details are needed for us to offer any help for. Things such as OS, browser, type of connection, and firewall (if any). Tell us this and we'll help you figure it out man.

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    It would also help if you provided some information as to the network you are running on. Is this a standalone computer, part of a home network, part of a small office network, or part of a large corporate/educational network?

    Any information you can provide as well, such as proxies you may be using, other Internet-aware applications, and any strNge computer behaviour (could be indicitave of malware), would be useful.

    Each network and setup would present different possible problems requiring different solutions. Giving solutions for every possible scenario would easily require enough time to take us into the middle of next week thinking of those solutions.

    You would never find enough time to read the reply, let alone find someone with enough time to write one.
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    Question: Have you tried to sign on directly or just through a link on a web page? In other words, what happens when you input https://mail.google.com/mail/ in your address box?
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    Is this with Internet Explorer 6?
    If it is then try
    This helped me when I had this problem a few days ago.
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