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Thread: Google's way of securing WiFi

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    Lightbulb Google's way of securing WiFi

    Seems like Google will let you connect to their VPN and have a more secure WiFi connection...hmmm


    So far, as per usual, it's in beta, and only for the San Fran bay area.

    Snipit from their FAQ:

    What is Google Secure Access?

    Google Secure Access is a downloadable client application that allows users to establish a more secure WiFi connection.

    Why would I want to download and install Google Secure Access?

    Google Secure Access allows you to establish a more secure connection while using Google WiFi. By using Google Secure Access, your internet traffic will be encrypted, preventing others from viewing the information you transmit.

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    I would want a lot more information about the type of encryption, type of VPN and all before I download and install. If I already have a VPN client I use to access work systems in an open wireless "hotspot," why would I add another? Tunnel a VPN through another VPN?

    Maybe they need that in the Bay area.

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    Ok, so the MORE relevant link is to the FAQ page, not the download page.


    So it's someone's 20% community project. That's cool! I think the problem here is some people see the almighty G and assume it will be fundamentally transcendental, such as Google search was, and this is by no means that big of a deal.

    Still, it's good to see them doing it for free. "Do no evil" and all of that too, yada yada.
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