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    just give you guys more exoctic things to batter and deepfry
    This reminded me of something...alittle off topic..but too funny

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    That reminds me... In the beginning of this summer there was a report about a loose puma in the Netherlands, walking around the Veluwe. (National wildpark.) The whole summer some teams of experts were searching everywhere. Some even published pictures of this big cat.
    Recently it was discovered that the pictures are indeed of a big cat. A big house-cat, that is. They still haven't found this cat though. And the puma-myth will be over... Until next year when they probably will spot some big cat again so some cat-researches can research for more cats.

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    Big cats

    I've got 2 cats (well the Gfs cats but you know how it is) Tootsie and Tigger.
    There is pic of Toots here http://www.antionline.com/showthread...r=1#post849229

    Both very large cats, Toots is huge, Tig is even bigger.
    Toots caused some trouble awhile back.
    We were getting up in the morning going into the kitchen and finding childrens shoes.
    This was happening almost every day. We'd get them in the back garden too. We knew it was Toots coz we'd caught him bringing back fish and chip wrappers, bits of carpet, chicken etc before.
    We put the shoes out on the path at the bottom of the garden thiking they were the neighbours there. After a few days they were unclaimed and they went in the bin.
    More shoes kept coming then adult slippers, builders gloves etc etc. Same story. Until one day we got a pair of matching mens size 10uk trainers.
    We were about to throw them away when our next door neighbour said that the chap across the road at #10 had lost a pair.

    So I go across the road asked him if the shoes were his, yup they were, as were the slippers which were his wifes. So Toots had gone out of our house round to the end of the block across the road over a 4 foot fence grabbed a shoe and brought it back (a 100m round trip) THEN gone back for the other one.

    Bad enough but...Chap at #10 told us that #9 had been loosing kids shoes. We had a couple left so I took them along and yes the cat had been stealing his kids shoes. Worst of all though was that #9 was feudin' with #8 and #9 had been phoning the police accusing #8 of coming into his garden and taking his kids shoes when it was our cat.

    We moved soon after that. He still moves my shoes round the house but not out the cat flap yet.

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    Well I personally blame it on the human race for the simple reason that we humans do invade the habitats of the wildlife and where are they suppose to go??I DO NOT SUPPORT THE FACT THAT HUMANS DESERVED TO BE HUNTED DOWN.We certainly make it easier for wildlife to invade our space and then want to blame them for doing what they are put on earth for??Live their normal day to day life undisturbed by the human race..
    Practise what you preach.

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    Re: Big cats

    lol What the hell are you guys feeding your cats whey protein? I think it was nihil who has a giant cat too.

    My cat yoda, the most dormant cat in the world.....this guy doesn't get up for anyone. I fear he'll end up as big as yours.

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    Under certain circumstances, I do, but since said circumstances aren't being discussed here...

    on topic:

    Man is the most predatory, dangerous, and adaptable species known. He can dwell in the harshest environments with the most meagre supplies and still flourish. He is the only species to kill something just because it has committed the most heinous crime of not earning his affection or trust, and the only one to adapt tools to make such killings wholesale. Unlike every other predator in the animal kingdom, Man doesn't necessarily eat what he kills (really, would YOU eat a cockroach? My cat would, so would my dog for that matter.) Now I'm by no means an animal rights activist (although I am an animal lover) - but yes, we're encroaching into their territories, just as we've done since we've walked this earth, and when we do this, we can pretty well expect to encounter these wild beasties. A few will be killed and eaten, then we'll overwhelm the dwellers there, and they'll either move on or die. Kinda makes one wonder where the wild animals go when the entire planet is one giant city. A few, like the aforementioned cockroach, will flourish, living upon our offal and within our houses and infrastructures. Others, like the Lions and Bears, I'm quite afraid will fade away into extinction.
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