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Thread: smartftp problems

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    smartftp problems

    hi..can sum1 help me wid smartftp..whenever i try a connection it shows the error mssg ' A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host'..plz help..

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    Hi there, welcome to Ao

    The way this site works my friend is everything is broken down into different forums. When you want to post a thread select the correct forum that best suits your needs and post there. That way the people who know that subject best will be looking in that forum and you will get an answer quicker and probable a more helpful one too! General Chit Chat aint the place for this!

    But since its here, it says the host(computer/site etc) you are trying to connect to is unreachable. Amongst other reasons this could be because it is not there, will not accept connections from you or has a firewall running to block connections. Or you could be typing the address in wrong.

    What is it you are trying to connect to?Try and include as much info as possible.

    //Dont double post, I will PM a mod for you and ask if they can move this.

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