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Thread: OK, maybe not such a good example!

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    OK, maybe not such a good example!

    This pilot fish's duties include overseeing the work of PC technicians, but he also has to do some of their work, especially when it involves laptops containing confidential data.
    "The managers would stipulate they only wanted me to touch their workstations or laptops, as they would normally have reviews or salary information located on them, and due to my grade level I was privy to that information," fish says.

    "Whenever I loaded a laptop I would install the operating system and the needed applications and, if the user was someone I knew well, I would load up humorous sound clips to be played at start-up or when mail was received. They came from a vast collection of sound clips the technicians had amassed."

    One day a manager needs a laptop prepped in a hurry for a meeting in Japan with a major customer. Fish is out, so the manager asks a PC tech to set him up. Tech knows he has to work to fish's standards, so he carefully follows fish’s example in setting up the laptop -- complete with sound clips. Then he promptly delivers it to the manager.

    It isn't until the manager returns from the trip that fish finds out what happened. "He told me he didn't even turn on the laptop until he was at the meeting in Japan," fish reports. "He was surrounded by customer representatives and a translator. He pulled out the diskette with his presentation, hooked up his laptop to a projector and powered the laptop on.

    "In a few moments, the laptop blasted out a clip of someone yelling "To be the man, you've got to beat the man! Wooooo!" The customer reps all began looking at each other and began whispering. They called the translator over. The manager figured the meeting was over.

    "The translator then told the manager, 'They recognize that voice. It's Ric Flair, the wrestler!'

    "The manager stammered, 'One of the technicians loaded that on there...'

    "The translator said, 'They want to know if they can get a copy of that file.'

    "After hearing that story, I told the technicians it would be best to get rid of their sound clips."
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    when I was starting out I worked for a very small firm, just 4 of us.
    We used to muck about with sound files too.

    One day Boss answers the phone to speak to a rather posh lady who was a potential customer.
    Just at that moment my rebooting PC fires up and out belts a Father Jack clip from Father Ted

    with "Hairy Japanese Bastards".

    Didn't go down well.

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