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Thread: AO Banners!

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    AO Banners!

    I am wondering. Several members here have their own website. It might be interesting for them to advertise for AO by displaying a banner. Something like the text: "Member of" followed with the AO logo. And then of course if a user clicks on it, they will be redirected to this place.
    Of course this would mean that AO would have to provide the banners that members can put on their sites. That is, if AO even agrees with this. But it seems an interesting idea.

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    Would this do??
    <a href="http://www.antionline.com/" title="AntiOnline, maximum security for a connected world">
    <img src="http://images.antionline.com/aoimages/antilogo-sm1.gif" alt="AntiOnline, maximum security for a connected world" />
    I myselve like the old logo and slogan better..
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    Thanks, JinX. But it's just the AO logo. Not something to put on a banner on some other website. That logo itself would just make it appear as part of AO while it would be better if the banner clearly shows that it refers to AO.
    And although people might make their own AO banners, it would be more interesting if the banner is actually hosted on the AO site. (Because then the AO webmaster can check the logfiles and see which sites are referring to AO!) A banner specifically created to be a banner on other sites.

    And maybe in several different sizes...

    (I just noticed the logo refers to http://www.enterpriseitplanet.com/ First time I actually notice it.)

    <edit>Ah! Found a logo! That's what I meant! Something small, bannerlike. </edit>

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    It might be interesting for them to advertise for AO by displaying a banner.
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    Do you still think AO needs advertisement!!
    I think, nearly every AO member must have told atleast 2 of his friends about AO.

    Yeah! but its a good idea to display *Member of (AO small logo)*.

    How about displaying member status like Newbie, Addict, Member, Jr.Member, Senior Member,etc + Registration Date and stuff like that. May be RSS feed of them.

    Just a thought.

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    Nope, wouldn't work. As I would never see it, as I don't see most banners thanks to AdBlock. Why do we need to advertise the site more?
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    I dont think it needs more advertisement, and if somebody wants to do it, take the little banner posted above and link it in your signature in other forums....w/e
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