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Thread: GIF in Yahoo Emails?

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    Smile GIF in Yahoo Emails?

    Hi Peoples,

    I'm trying to show an animated GIF Signature in my outgoing Emails, If it can be done ... does anyone know how?
    I'm using Yahoo Email, OS is Windows.
    I tried this http://www.ozflights.co.uk/sig/yah/yahins.htm
    and ended up creating a free website where I uploaded the GIF File but when I tried it ... it's only showing the link in my email and not the animation. BTW I know nothing about Web HTML so please be reall I mean Reall Easy.


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    Make sure you have the "color and graphics" editor open instead of the plain text editor. It's a small option at the top of the signature editing text box. Before typing anything, click on "View HTML source". Now type in the HTML for the image - something like:

    <img src="http://www.domain.com/image.gif">
    When you're done typing that in, click off "View HTML source". Instead of code, your image should appear as it would in your e-mail signature. Click save and that's all there is to it.
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    Are you using Yahoo through their webmail interface or do you have POP3/SMTP access? (The latter option requires you to pay Yahoo for your account.) With webmail, your options would be limited. With POP3 all you need is a POP3 client (Outlook or Outlook Express, for example) that can create HTML-based emails.
    Keep in mind that the person receiving those emails might have set their options to receiving emails as plaintext so they won't see the images, just the link as you have described.

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    Gee.. Christina, that worked and it was easy
    I think my mistake was that I wasn't Unclicking HTML before saving or I dunno....

    Thanks Katja .... WoooHoo it's working :-)


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    Just another quick note - not only will it not be visible to people who have text only view enabeled but also it wont be visible to people who have decided to block images in emails. For example my mail client will display HTML in emails but it is set not to display images (unless i allow it on an email by email basis)

    this is mostly to stop people tracking their emails using small transparent graphics (webbugs) a common tool used by spammers to find active email accounts


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