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Thread: Delay Write Fail Issue

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    Delay Write Fail Issue

    I have a dell Inspiron laptop in my office the continues to receive
    Dely write fail errors.
    OS=XP Pro


    VP brings in laptop oct 2004....complains it has become very slow....long time to boot and cannot run any programs without siezing up.

    I pull the data off...harddrive is "clicking"

    We run diagnostics....the harddrive fails

    Jan 2005

    VP brings same laptop in...cannot recogize disk on boot.

    cannot grab data....

    Dell sends tech...replaces MB and harddrive.

    Sept 2005

    VP brings in laptop...windows cannot find file C:\windows\system32\config\system

    Run repair console...copy reg files from repair directory and can boot....start receiving delay write fail errors.

    Pull data off.......I figue maybe the file system is mucked.....format....install....write fail errors.

    I call Dell...laptop is no longer under warranty. I complain that there is something integrally (sp?) wrong...for 3 hardrives to fail..such as power issue

    They say power was replaced when MB replaced....i will transfer you to our part department and you can purchase a new hardrive....

    My question is.....

    Can I check in the bios...

    I am not familar with write cache settings...but any suggestions, links etc would be greatly appreciated

    I am hesitant to stick a new harddrive in...we are buying the VP a new laptop....ACER

    I want the Dell for myself....my current laptop..the screen is fried and I have it hooked up to a crt...not very mobile

    Any way I called my local shop and they say...maybe a bad batch of harddrives...as dell will replace the hardware with the same and trying a different brand may help.

    Let me know if you need more info.

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    Does the VP use it in a docking station with stuff pushed up against it. We have a good deal of Dell Laptops here that overheat like crazy. NMCI is replacing the harddrives all the time. Someones great idea of leaving them on 24/7 with no power save features turned on was probably a bad idea :P.

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    No..no docking station...but I do suspect him leaving it on 24\7 when not traveling

    I am gonna try a new harddrive...for my personal use.

    Oh to be mobile again

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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