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Thread: the first mobile/PC crossover virus

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    Unhappy the first mobile/PC crossover virus

    found this, posting here as it's to do with the ubiquitous cell's

    It had to happen and now we have it: the first mobile/PC crossover virus. First off this particular virus is nothing to worry about for the moment; it looks like proof-of-concept code put out by a hacking group to show how clever it is.

    The danger is that someone else will take this code, and work out how to automate it. And before you know it script kiddies around the world will be churning out copies and fooling themselves that they are expert computer underworld heroes, rather than sad imitators with too much time on their hands.

    But as the PC and phone converge it's guaranteed we'll see more of these types of attacks. As with PC-only viruses, be sensible and you won't get caught out. And never, ever accept unidentified code. Safe computing is a must.
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