I know, it sucks that I just picked up 9.0 when 10.0 is about to come out. What can I say, I really needed it.

Here's my trouble. Currently we do not have a domain server. Each computer in our network is part of a workgroup and all are pretty much just peer to peer.

My goal was to take the entire O.S. (including all files) from one computer and transfer them onto another. I picked up a copy of Norton's Ghost 9.0 to help me in this task.

My problem is that I want to write the backup to a shared drive on our peer to peer network. I selected the option to create a back up on a network drive. My options were local; network and CD for backups. After sharing the folder on the shared drive to everyone, I browsed and found the shared drive and then a prompt pops up asking me for domain; user name; and password.

The thing is, there is no domain. I tried the following:
Using the workgroup in replacement for the domain name
Using the name of the Computer instead of the domain name
Adding myself to the Administrators group on the computer with the shared drive.
Mapping the drive and adding it as a local drive.

nothing worked.

I ended up just getting a conversion kit to make my old 200GB hard drive an external drive and just doing it locally. However, I was hoping to use Ghost to backup drives throughout the network. Can this be done without having a domain controller? We're looking into purchasing Server 2003 SBS, but things are moving pretty slow when it comes to getting them to purchase a server.

Thanks in advance for the help