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Thread: Irongeek needs a new video host, yet again

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    Irongeek needs a new video host, yet again

    This is the 4th time this year I have to change the host for my “Hacking Illustrated” videos. I was hosting it on the Irongeek.com domain, but I only have 40GB per month transfer. Another guy from the forums stepped up to host them but the ISP had issues with it I guess (sorry, I forgot your handle). Then Droops helped me out, but the bandwidth got to be too much. Minion was next, he had a box with unlimited bandwidth, the videos were linked to from Digg twice and Hack-A-Day once and the box still stood. Unfortunately, the ISP of the box Minion let me use made the owner of the box take my videos and Minion’s image off. I think hosting the videos may have gotten him in trouble with the ISP of the box (sorry Minion, thanks for the help).

    So, now I need a new place to host. Archive.org is a bit cumbersome and Bittorrent is not a good solution either. Anyone knows where I can host the videos but still embed them in HTML pages at Irongeek.com? I don’t mind having to put a banner up for someone else’s site.

    Email me if you can help. Thanks for all the folks that have helped in the past.

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    You could try something like rapidshare. It would be a pain, as it seems most people can not follow instructions though.

    Just a thought.
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