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    ok i think yall are right about running to many AV's and them conflicting with each other so im gonna just run one AV along with adaware and my other anti spyware programs. thanx alot
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    Excellent idea, you're lucky the bluescreen was the only problem you're getting. I've killed the ntldr on a couple occasions as a result of installing Symantec 7 with other things. Too many AV is a very very bad thing especially when you are running large scale ones like symantec. They like to dig their claws into your operating system more than a million virii put together. I work on a very high traffic ISP network and all I run is AntiVir (free-av.com) and and Microsoft AS Beta, I run scans with Microsoft AS Beta, AntiVir, S&D, Adaware, and HijackThis, plus whatever else if I get something that I can't get rid of, but I only run AntiVir and the Microsoft beta all the time.
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