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Thread: console and dlls

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    Unhappy console and dlls

    Hi agane.

    I traid to use
    with /S key
    for registrering of dlls and ocx
    and get return code efter execution but that not worling in console with %ERRORLEVEL%
    but when I running it throug C++ , then I can get some error code.
    All errors that I got was
    and I want to know if someone of you know what them mean and where I can get more description about "return code on exit" for regsvr32

    //damn, i become be noobdevelop, ahhh, help me
    // too far away outside of limit

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    I realise that English is not your native language. My answer is: duh?
    Are you referring to a prior post of yours and if so, which one?

    Okay, am guessing, just to try and give some support here. I think you've created an ActiveX control or a COM/DCOM component. You are using regsvr32 to register this component and you're doing this from a batch file.

    I guess you're using something like 'if %errorlevel% 1' but in batchfiles, you should not use the % signs around it. Just use 'if errorlevel 1 goto whatever'.
    If you get errorcodes then it means something in your code went wrong and whatever errorcode is generated is actually created by your application. And often they are errorcodes from the Windows API. Thus:
    0 = success
    3 = path not found
    4 = failed to open file
    But again, regsvr32 might use these codes for different kinds of errors, although 0 in general means success.

    Some info is found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q249873/

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    Thank you.

    I asked becouse I want to use C++ and regsvr32 to register all "default" dlls that I have in my system32 folder.
    I think that this can be good idea (to reg/rereg 1118 dlls and ocx in one click).

    page where I puting my apps is mrbabis.narod.ru
    // too far away outside of limit

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