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Thread: cat 5 and too much spare time

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    cat 5 and too much spare time


    stripped down cat5 to remove insulation. Unwound cables and then made a spanky braclet. All I need now is an old network card I can take the port out of - reattach one of the connector ends and it could have a nice clasp as well.

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    I might have to do something like that for Sarah....

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    all i can say is...wow...

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    You can do rings that way too - was a popular craft back in the 1970's. Good work though.
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    sell them....I'm sure geeks will pay up for something funky like that.
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    this is an invention itself .... make use of it .... really cool!
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    I'm guessing it takes a long time to make?

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    the actual striping didn't take that long. But making the actual braclet itself took proly about an hr+
    it done pretty much the same way as a standard friendship braclet is made.

    4 strinds of different colors.
    Cross strnad 1 across strand 2 and up from underneath - pull tight to form a knot
    repeat last step
    strand 2 should now be to the left of strand one - report least 2 steps this time for strand 1 and strand 3
    you should eventually end up with strand 1 at the far right.
    So now you take strand 2 which is now in strand 1's starting postion on far left and do same thing
    and keep going like that

    so for every band of color you see on that braclet I had to do 6 knots so it does take a while.

    I dont think would be worth my while to make them to sell - cause would have to buy cat5 and then charge for time to make it and prolly shipping as well so is at like $20+ dollars to pretty much break even and doubt anyone is going to pay that

    tho with the whole charity braclets thing going on atm maybe i should make a few and ebay them with the cash going to a charity? need to get some clasps from a craft shop first tho as i tried making one out of an actual cat5 port and was to bulky.

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