Found this today.

It was available for free download so I think it's ok to post it.


It covers quite a lot -

What an organisation is liable for
Some of the acts to comply with
Monitoring staff
Writing basic policies

It's UK law based but should be usable by EU workers and useful to the US guys and gals.

One point.

As an update to the pr0n threat that ran away.
We got the consultation documents through last week for the obscene materials act (Scotland)
And fairly soon (2006 probably) it will be illegal to possess and view (not just publish or distribute as it is now) material of an obscene nature.

Obscene being:
Scenes of actual or realistic rape
Scenes of torture and degredation of non-concenting adults
Scenes of actual or realistic beastiality
Scenes of actual or realistic sexual necrophilia
Scenes of coprophilia or (forgotton the word) pissing

So download your bondage donkey piss movies while you can.