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Thread: Help with Ghost 9.0

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    Help with Ghost 9.0

    I just got done finally attemptimg to transfer an image from one of our older Dell computers to a new one. Just like some of the other posters brought up, I got the blue screen of death. Does anyone know a way I can get around this problem?

    Here's what I did:

    Created an image of an 80GB HD from one Dell Computer.
    Purchased a new SATA HD 120GB and formatted it.
    Booted into Symantec's Recovery Environment with the Nortons 9.0 Disk
    Selected all the options to create a primary partition.
    Transfered the Image over.

    Got the Blue Screen.

    Does anyone have a trick I can do to get this to work or maybe an entirely simplier way of transfering a complete operating system including programs and files over to another computer?

    Thanks in advance


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    Ghost is to be used to restore the image on the same computer...should you have a crash or hardware failure.

    I do not think it is meant to transfer to a newer machine...but I could be wrong

    Look to the manual about disabling\enabling drivers...

    The problem is your motherboard and hardware is totally different on the new machine and the image is using drivers that wont work with your new hardware...causing the blue screen

    Also you may have some licensing issues transfering an OEM install to another machine....this is a big NONO

    When I put a new machine online I have to install all the apps.on the new machine....I keep both machines on line until I am sure all settings and data has been transfered...using admin shares to access the drives.

    Usually takes about a week for the user to let me know what needs to be tweaked.

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    Thanks man. Looks like I learned my lesson. Too bad it took all night to learn it. Good thing I had my laptop to work on a few programs while waiting for this thing to crash. From what I picked up, the mobo and processor are the only two hardware components I need to worry about. The others I can disable by getting into safemode. Sucks man, I was really hoping things would work.

    The source machine didnt' have an OEM license. It was actually a full copy of XP Pro that the company purchased a few months ago. However, the destination still had the OEM licensed copy.

    Thanks for helping me out MLF. I'd give you some AP, but AO wants me to spread the wealth a bit more.

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