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    Thanks TH13 for the great read.

    Microsoft is now racing to move in that direction: developing a solid core for Windows onto which new features can be added one by one over time.
    Since that sounds so doggone familiar, why not just call it Winux?

    Wonder if the new features will be free?

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    Ballmer announced recently to organiee the company into three major business units.
    that part is 2nd paragraph from the bottom
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    Aside from the barely literate editing and journalism of the article ...

    Think back to the mid-80's to early-90's and the state of the PC marketplace. There were few networks and the internet was in its infancy. The vast majority of PC's were standalone. The greatest threat was viruses downloaded from independent bulletin board systems, or copied from a floppy to the hard drive (i.e.; AnitEXE).

    It was in this environment that Microsoft grew up. The company actively recruited programmers in bulk from university CS departments (free sodas, candy bars, food and all the technology you could want). Then, the programmers were worked hard, long hours for a couple years until they burned out and left. That was okay, Microsoft just recruited another bunch next semester. The code turned out by these kids was basic, classroom project type code. Nothing fancy or anything like you will see in many open source, elegant solutions.

    This model or culture, or whatever you want to call it, is a huge problem now. Microsoft is trying very hard to overcome that. It hasn't been and won't be easy. MS is still a very powerfully competitive organization, but it has grown and is no longer the nimble, lean and mean company it was. This kind of change has to drill down to the core of the business.

    This is actually the best time for new companies to try to come up and supplant MS, while the company is in the process of trying to re-invent itself.

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    Originally posted here by Relyt

    Wonder if the new features will be free?
    Sure...for Genuine Windows Advantage customers. Microsoft often offers many minor feature updates and plugins for free...powertoys and what not. They have also sold some, like the Plus+ software packages, but they always felt like glorified theme managers that simply hogged system resources.
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    Windows isn't "broken."

    Broken implies that the product was at one point, "not broken."

    Windows is "fux0red."

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    Im' just wondering, microsoft is obviously having huge problems with their new OS, vista. This is the second or third time they scrapped the code and restarted... So my question is, if vista turns out to be a total failure after all of this, could that be the beginning of the end to microsoft? Kind of like a domino effect? Because microsoft is obviously putting a ton of money and resources into this project... and judging by that article, things are looking like they kind of starting to fall apart, especially if this new software development method doesn't go to plan...
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    Windows isn't what makes MS its money, but it is the product that keeps the market share.

    If Vista doesn't get off the ground, I doubt MS will crumble, but we will definitely see an increase in Linux/Unix/Mac.

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