>At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
>By the ugly w*nker that was lying by my side.
>I would've drunk a little less, I would've
>Tried to keep my head,
>If I'd know for just one second I'd be in
>Your crusty bed...
>I tried to go, walk out the door.
>But I laughed so hard at your small knob that
>I've fallen on the floor.
>Your butts a pimply mess, it's just a broken-out
>But I'd rather look at that, than at your
>F###ing ugly face...!
>I want to go, I've got to leave.
>Your talk of chicks and football really makes
>Me want to heave.
>I only know I've got to stop my drinking
>Spirts and the beer
>Coz when I looked at you last night, you
>Looked just like Richard Gere !

>Please let me go, I feel quite sick,
>We had the worst sex in the world and you're
>An ugly *****
>I should have shagged your gorgeous mate,
>At least he's got a lovely flat
>But no I go and trust the booze and now I'm
>Stuck with you, you ****.
>It's time to go, run out the door.
>You look so ugly it should really be against the law.
>I'm going to give up all the booze, I'm going
>To have no stupid fun
>Coz waking up beside your mug, just makes me
>Want to be a nun !