This IT intern pilot fish handles desktop support. Translation: When a more senior IT staffer diagnoses a problem with a user's PC, it's fish who's dispatched to fix it.
"Our senior network analyst of many years' experience was manning the help desk and got a call from a high-level user," fish says. "She complained that every time she tried to navigate to a new screen in a Web-based application, she got kicked out.

"After looking at her PC and doing some troubleshooting, his analysis of the problem was that the user's PC needs to be reimaged, and he asked me to go fix it."

Fish arrives at the user's desk, but before carting away the computer, fish asks user to demonstrate the problem. Turns out she's using shortcuts to navigate through the application, just as she would to jump from one page to another in a Web site she often visits.

"Sure enough, every time she clicked on a link, she had to log on again," says fish. "It didn't take me long to see that the user had saved several shortcuts to the log-in screen, with different descriptions describing different screens of the application. Every time she used one of the shortcuts to navigate to a different screen, she was presented with a new log-in screen.

"I deleted the bogus shortcuts and showed the user how to save the shortcuts she needed.

"Then I went back to tell the senior network analyst that if he wanted the PC reimaged, he could do it himself."