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    Exclamation Heads Up

    The following was posted on the SANS Internet Storm Center.

    We have a report that a new virus may be making the rounds being distributed via AOL chat.

    Details are sketchy so far but we have the following thanks to Alan and Chris.

    McAfee deletes the viruses but every time the user logs of and back onto the system it regenerates the batch file.

    User gets a chat via AOL

    "Checkout this JPEG" with a link

    After clicking the link it sends to everyone on their buddy list and creates the file


    Contents of the file: it is set to disable MS security, firewall

    Creates 3 registry entries one of which is a service

    Hkey_local_machineSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRun

    Name :Strtax Data: lock.exe (Delete)

    Hkey_local_machineSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRun Services

    Name :Strtax Data: lock.exe (Delete)

    Hkey_UserSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRun Services

    Name :Strtax Data: lock.exe (Delete)

    After deleting those three keys and a reboot the xz.bat file stopped trying to reload itself.

    We have plenty of copies! Thanks!
    I haven't found any other info on this (but I haven't looked very hard)


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    People are going back to batch files.... interesting.

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    Yes, cuz it is very simple to create them. (and disassemble, and understand, and modife)

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    What would be a reason to go back ???

    When AV systems update, and the 'old' signatures are also updated, then does the AV no longer check for that particular vuln ??

    That is, is there a time limit on signatures, or else how do they stop the D/B for your AV going into multi GB size ???

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    There is an update on ISC, and they say the infection is an SDBot or Opanki worm variant(s). Both McAfee and Symantec pick 'em up, so far.

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