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Thread: Incomplete List of Security Software

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    You might want to add spyware blaster:http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html

    It blocks spyware from coming in rather than working to remove it. Good in combination with other tools like Adaware.

    Got to agree with Nokia this could be a useful sticky especially if Dcrypter would be willing to update it periodically.

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    Good list.
    I might be going blind or maybe it doesnt fit in but i didn't see Microsofts security baseline analyzer
    they even changed the name a bit now it is called
    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer v2.0 (for IT Professionals )
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    There are several FREE local security programs and and LAN scanners you might want to append to your list. Some of these have come in very handy for me, at home and at work.

    first and foremost, all of the free utilities by foundstone security:

    nmap scanner:

    ethereal sniffer:

    ettercap sniffer:

    and the winpcap library, needed for windows ports of some these programs:

    also, for popup blocking, if you are not currently using a browser with built in capabilities (firefox), a little free tool from google can come in handy. with a few configurations, it makes google searches quick and easy, and blocks pop-ups quite well:

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    Some of the tools might allready be mentioned, but anyway, here is a list I compiled from a penetration testing point of view a while back (it expanded a bit).

    /* portscanners */
    amap http://www.thc.org/releases.php next generation scanning tool
    nmap http://www.insecure.org/nmap/nmap_download.html network mapper
    pPscan http://examples.oreilly.com/networksa/tools/ppscan.c web proxy port scanner
    unicornscan http://www.unicornscan.org/ information gathering and correlation engine
    ScanFi http://www.securecentral.com/products/scanfi/ vulnerability assessment software
    netwox http://www.laurentconstantin.com/en/netw/netwox/ network toolbox
    P0f http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/p0f.shtml versatile passive OS fingerprinting tool
    siphon http://siphon.datanerds.net/ portable passive network mapping suite
    /* vulnerability scanners */
    nessus http://www.nessus.org/ security scanner
    nikto http://www.cirt.net/code/nikto.shtml web server scanner
    retina http://www.eeye.com/html/products/Retina/ network security scanner
    dnascan http://examples.oreilly.com/networks.../dnascan.pl.gz asp.net sec scanner
    xprobe http://xprobe.sourceforge.net/ remote os fingerprinting tool
    /* misc */
    paros http://www.parosproxy.org/ man-in-the-middle proxy and application vulnerability scanner
    metasploit http://www.metasploit.com/ exploitation framework
    john http://www.openwall.com/john/ password cracker
    hydra http://www.thc.org/releases.php parallized login hacker
    firewalk http://www.packetfactory.net/projects/firwalk/ active reconnaissance network security tool
    hping http://www.hping.org/ cli packet assembler/analyser
    fping http://www.fping.com/ parallel host pinger
    nemesis http://www.packetfactory.net/projects/nemesis/ packet injection utility
    BiDiBLAH http://www.sensepost.com/garage_portal.html#Tools assessment/attack console
    SAMInside http://www.insidepro.com/eng/saminside.shtml NT/2000/XP pass recovery util
    RainbowCrack http://www.antsight.com/zsl/rainbowcrack/ hash cracker
    n.bug http://www.nruns.com/contentarchiv/de/nbug.zip runtime library call trace for windows
    /* packers */
    /* forensics */
    tct http://www.porcupine.com/forensics/tct.html the coroner's toolkit
    task/autopsy http://

    cain http://www.oxid.it/cain.html
    parosproxy http://www.parosproxy.org/ mitm proxy/app vuln scanner


    I disabled 'autowrap url' because it messed with the formatting.
    The list aint complete and some tools are in the wrong catagory, but anyway.

    Attached the file in its original wrapping
    (created with vi therefor notepad will show those funny squary things, you can use wordpad or some unix2dos util to fix that.


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    Btw I want to notice once more that DrWeb got also one free and prety good scanner that updates few times a day that named as


    // too far away outside of limit

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    A couple of others which might go with your list Dcrypter, is:




    All_Seeing_Eye this one requires a little more knowledge of the innards.

    Good list, kinda summarizes whats out there, and will be useful for those just getting their feet wet in securing their PC's
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    ive used zone alarm security suite 6.0+...seems to be the best ive ever used
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    xierox, i heavily recommend Outpost Firewall Pro 3.0. i have used OP since V2.1 and have never had a problem with it at all. Anytime a bug is discovered the solution is always very easy or fixed by agnitum fairly promptly. It also now has a Spyware Scanner built in that updates at least once a day.

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    I have been looking through this list and wanted to make two suggestions. I see the Nmap was mentioned. Well the same person that wrote Nmap has GREAT site that lists 75 tools voted on by the "nmap-hackers" mailing list. Some awesome tools here:


    Also, there is a great Knoppix based tools suite available called "Auditor". You download the suite as an ISO image to burn to CD. You can find the suite of tools here:


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