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Thread: the "best" (in my opinion) P2P network in "throwing in the towel"

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    the "best" (in my opinion) P2P network in "throwing in the towel"

    I'd like to make an exception and "re-post" a slashdot story myself for purpose of discussion.

    The link: http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?s...65213&from=rss

    It is very sad to see these "mother****ers" dismantling the the whole mass P2P culture one client at a time.

    Here's a comment from one of the slashdotter which pretty much encompasses today's American business and political world. Problems along the globalization, Wal-Mart, oil companies, Bush Administration Microsoft, MPAA, RIAA, Tyco, Enron .... they are all the same ppl. I used another's words because they pretty much sum it all up...

    What are your thoughts:

    Capitalism, when unregulated, leads to consolidation of money into fewer and fewer hands. Have you ever heard the phrase, "it takes money to make money" used? It is more or less true. It is the person who finances a company or idea (who has the money to do so to start with) that makes most of the money on successful enterprises. Money has always been power. Money has almost always been able to influence governments.

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    You wouldn't think so according to Slyk News

    Someone is still able to make some moolah
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