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Thread: Windows Licences

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    Windows Licences

    I have a question about windows licence.

    I have bought 3 workstations, but they came with Windows Home Edition. These computers are going to work under a windows domain, but Windows Home Edition is not good to work under Domain, so i have installed Windows XP Professional.

    I have the licence Stamps of Windows Home Edition on the workstation tower, with Windows XP professional Installed, is these Illegal??

    Would the software inspector pick on this?

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    It depends on if your copies of Windows XP Professional are legal or not. If a someone was doing an audit it would probably raise an eyebrow.
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    Phone MS and ask


    You need 3 pro licenses for those machines...there is an upgrade path though so you will not have to pay full price for the pro version....make sure you get the upgrade version...

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    If you don't have XPpro licences then yes it's illegal.

    It doesn't matter where the licence is, you don't have to display the licence on the box, but you do need to be able to produce licences when required.

    As morganlefay says you can upgrade rather then pay full price. It's about 50 in the UK (though that might be an Educational price).

    Best get yourself sorted though. It only takes one unhappy ex-employee or customer to point FAST or a similar group at you.

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