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    Elsenot.com - MS Exploit Haven

    Hey Hey,

    Has anyone else seen this site yet, I haven't be as actively lately as I'd like to be, so I may have missed it, but no searches I ran brought anytihng up...

    I'll let packet storm describe it for me. (it's their site of the month)

    This site has been established to try and find an exploit for every Microsoft security bulletin ever released. Out of 449 bulletins released, 114 exploits have been tracked down. Definitely an interesting visit.
    They are actually up to 115 exploits tracked down to date.

    Check it out @ http://elsenot.com/.

    It's kind of funky and an interesting site if nothing else.

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    I like it. Its neat to look at the vulnerability link then to check out the exploit code. Fun and interesting read for sure. I just hope like always it doesnt cause more skidiots.
    meh. -ech0.

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    i dont think one more exploit site will make that much difference in the skidiot population i like the site tho.

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