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Thread: 1600 Router IOS update

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    1600 Router IOS update

    Are the commands for updating a 1600 router IOS flash image the same as on a 1700? I may just be mistyping something somewhere, but I always get a file open error. And when I try using rommon, I can't use the tftpdnld command.

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    What IOS are you using? There are a few for 1600 series routers is why i ask.

    Also what commands are you entering to update it?

    Try herefor detailed instrutions on how to do anything with a 1600 series router, updating your IOS is just past a third of the way down.

    You will prob find you are just entering your commands in wrong.

    Hope it helps!

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    We have several 1600 routers, only one of which has an IOS image that ends in .bin? I got the IOS from that router onto a TFTP server, but am unable to send that image to any of the other routers. I get a file open error on the TFTP, does this have to be done in ROMMON?

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    As far as I know, all of the IOSs should be a .bin file...

    Is your tftp server setup for send and receive? The one I use is defaulted to receive only. (solarwinds) You will have to change the config for send/receive. Check your tftp server logs for more info. It also helps to put the IOS in the root of the tftp directory so you can just type the file name.
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