Hey Hey,

Have any of you ever used GoToAssist before... It's a pretty decent remote access tool that requires no technical knowledge from the end user... It's more to allow screen sharing in customer support.. It's by the people that do the GotoMyPC commercials on late night TV.. It's actually backed by Citrix.

Anyways we used it at the last call center I was at and it definately makes life easier to support a user...send them to a website, tell them to click accept.. you're browsing their computer.. there's even an option to reboot their PC and it will automatically reconnect to you on boot. A single technician at any given time unlimited use license is a $725 setup fee and $325/month normally.. Which isn't bad if you can make use of it... At the moment ever, with it being last day of the month and last day of the quarter, I happen to know that they're behind on sales and wheeling and dealing to try and make some sales... So if you're interested in the software at all, today would be the best day for you to deal with them.