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Thread: F-16 Kills Blitzen - $5,000!!!

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    F-16 Kills Blitzen - $5,000!!!

    I hope the pilot was allowed to take home some venison.

    Now if he had a blinking nose the price would have been much higher....hmmmmm........

    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Santa Claus will receive $5,000 in compensation from the Danish air force after an F-16 fighter jet frightened one of his reindeers to death.

    Professional Danish Santa Olavi Niikanoff complained to the air force after a reindeer died with fright when a jet roared over the field where his animals were grazing, air force spokesman Captain Morten Jensen told Reuters.

    "We acknowledge it was our fault and we have to pay compensation," Jensen said, adding that the air force regularly paid out sums of money to compensate for animals that die of fright when planes boom overhead.
    Source: http://today.reuters.com/news/newsAr...K-REINDEER.xml
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    I saw a crazy redneck today flying with ballons tied to a lawnchair, he was a coupla thousand feet up but he had a pellet gun and a case of beer. He was screaming "Git R Dun!" really loud, my dog looked up and died of fright. Dont I get 5000 dollars?
    Git R Dun - Ty
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    $US5000 for a reindeer?......................errrrrrrrrrrr I would expect a pedigree bull for that?

    Hell, I can adopt one in the UK for 29 (even donkeys weigh in at 34! )

    I saw this and thought of The Specialist ............can't think why


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    My old mob use to get regular complaints from farmers complaining about our helicopters scaring thier live stock. Mind you when your operational flying hight is four feet, it's a bit difficult not to scare the beJeezus out of something.
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