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Thread: I think my HDD is going out.

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    Post I think my HDD is going out.

    About once every-other-day this computer restarts with a critical hard drve error. When I send the report to MS it tells me that there was a HDD error detected. The user of the computer told me that it has been making a strange clicking noise for the past couple months (it would be nice if they didn't wait until it goes out to tell me these things ). I pulled the cover off the tower and sure enough... every once in a while there is a clicking noise coming from the HDD.

    This is obviously a hardware problem. I am just wondering if there is something else that can be done other then backing up all data, replacing the HDD, reloading the OS and putting all the data back on it again? Can this drive be saved? I know drives aren't all that expensive anymore, but this computer has several accessories connected to it that will need to be reconfigured and recalibrated it I have to reload the OS.

    Any suggestions?


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    Sorry pal, sounds almost certain that it is on the way out.

    If you have a mirror or ghost of the HDD you may be able to transfer it to a new drive with the minimum of disruption.

    In my experience, error messages plus clicking mean that the drive will be dead real soon

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    The clicking noise you hear from the hard drive is actually the read/write heads retracting to the "offline" position. This would mean that the magnet (or whatever it is) controlling thier movement is failing.

    When the motor controlling read/write head movement is turned off, the heads automatically retract via a spring. This is to avoid the heads crashing onto the platter when the drive is off.

    What is happening is the read/write head arm motor is failing. It loses power, and the heads retract to the offline position. This is what makes the clicking noise - the heads hitting the stopper which prevents them from whacking the side of the inside of the HD case.

    So most definitely, this is a problem you cannot solve other than backing up the hard drive and making a copy. But do it soon, because sooner or later this HD is going to fail entirely.
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    I have to concur with Nihil here, with the noises and error messages your drive is about to die and the longer you wait the worse it will be... In my experience they always die at the WORST possible time lol right when you say "oh i will back up and fix everything tomorrow ( they die that night!)
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    Thanks y'all

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