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Thread: So, what else is new?

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    So, what else is new?

    Though American men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than their counterparts in other countries, we are less likely to die from the disease. Less than 1 in 5 American men with prostate cancer will die from it, but 57 percent of British men and nearly half of French and German men will. Even in Canada, a quarter of men diagnosed with prostate cancer die from the disease.
    The one common characteristic of all national health-care systems is that they ration care. Sometimes they ration it explicitly, denying certain types of treatment altogether. More often, they ration more indirectly, imposing global budgets or other cost constraints that limit availability of high-tech medical equipment or impose long waits for treatments.
    Consider this: 7 in 10 Canadian provinces report sending prostate cancer patients to the United States for radiation treatment.
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    could always be said that even diseases can't be arsed with Yanks

    as for prostrate .............. I INSIST on being formally introduced to my Proctologist
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