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Thread: wat is an irc

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    wat is an irc

    what is an irc and how can i get connected to an irc where i can talk to people like in antionline

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    IRC is Internet Relay Chat. You can connect is several different ways.

    mIRC is a very popular client that you can get from here

    X-Chat is also pretty popular. You can find that here. It was orginally made for linux but now has a windows port.

    This a CGI client in case your not able to install any software or behind a firewall or something that prohibits you from connecting. Take a look here.

    There isn't a official irc channel for AO anymore but there are a few scattered networks that members hang out in.

    One of them is called A New Era Irc.

    The network adress is irc.anewerairc.net and the main room is called #lobby .

    In mIRC you can find Unerror in the server list.

    It also has a java client that will bring you to us here .

    If you have any problems message me on here (private message) or aim : Gadg3tt.

    You can also use the java client for UnError (A New Era) and one of us there will help ya.

    Good Luck,


    edit : Just an after thought but there is another hangout @ irc.smdc-network.org. This is Shrekkie's (aka Raiden) server.
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    There is a free X-Chat client for Windows.

    It's better than the client available from xchat.org

    X-Chat 2

    IRC is a waste of time. You'll get addicted to it and end up like me. Don't do it.

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    So thats whare you guys are hiding. I knew there was an irc channel /me /server irc.anewerairc.net -j #lobby | /msg nickserv register <pass> <email> READY!
    meh. -ech0.

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