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Thread: BASTARDS in Bali..again

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    BASTARDS in Bali..again


    Just saw the news of ANOTHER Bombing in BALI.. more of the innocent locals and tourists, (including Australians) Killed and injured.
    Where are the brains in these idiots, destroy your own people for your political gain, kill innocents to destroy a regions and countries economy

    My thoughts and prayers to the Balinese, and to the tourists in the region..

    To the terrorists: Burn in HELL BASTARDS
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    The Indonesian people suffer because the gov't refuses to do anything about the radical muslims that live in that country, amongst other things. Tourists die there (now why exactly are you putting yourself in the situation? Knowing what has happened there recently.) because the gov't does nothing about the radical muslims. My opinion don't vacation in terrorist central, hell you'd be safer in Colombia. Just like you don't go to the gulf coast this season. wink wink
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    Dont they realize everytime they kill an innocent person that only makes us more deturmined to get those bastards. Killing innocent tourists does nothing to further their "cause".
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    Tourists die there (now why exactly are you putting yourself in the situation?
    Maybe cause some people refused to be locked up forever refuse to live in fear the way the media wants them to live ....

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    It's strange to hear Indonesia in the news for these reasons now...I lived there for over 6 years and though the economy wasnt anything to brag about then either,there werent any 'radical muslims' as such...none as apparent as now at any rate.There werent any tourists dying either.. Sad...

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    My thoughts and prayers to every innocent lost soul.

    And hate, loathe and detest to terrorists .... Burn in hell, forever.
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