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Thread: Windows 98 to XP

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    Windows 98 to XP

    how about this...

    due to some problem in network between Mac G5 and PC (Windows 98) even am using
    PC-Mac LAN... am now planning to change the Windows 98 to Windows XP. The problem is that I have so many softwares inside under Windows 98 like Adobe Softwares, Quark Xpress,
    Pagemaker, etc... can i save this softwares if am going to change my PC into XP. As far as I
    know only the data files can be saved but the softwares are not.... is it true? Or is there any suggestions...? bcuz i really dont have all these softwares installer.

    please help...

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    If they are Windows 98 versions of the applications they probably won't run under XP. Have you considered dual booting Windows 98 and XP, and using XP for the networking.

    I know that is not a very elegant solution, but that software is pretty expensive to go buying the latest versions?

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    I encountered also that network problem between Mac G5 and Windows 98.
    The G5 is looking only by the IP address even you are using a PC-Mac LAN. So what I did
    is to upgrade my OS of my PC into Windows 2000. You can use also an XP of course.
    I hope it will help you on your networking problem these Mac and PC.

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    thanks for the informations.... it helps me a lot

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