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Thread: /action pats himself on back

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    /action pats himself on back

    Well, after many years of attending school part time in the evenings and working full time during the day... I've officially completed the Computer Network Engineering program at one of my local colleges. I actually finished in August.. but I had to get paper work through and all that stuff.

    I also got accepted into the International Honors Society... (don't know much about it)

    Anyway, just thought I'd share.

    Now, my next goal(s)... Get a couple of certs and then get a degree in Computer and Network Security! fun fun! This stuff will never end...
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    My heartiest congrats, Phish.

    One day I will also start a similar thread.

    Anyways where's the party
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    Hey congrats man! I know this thread isnt about me but I will be graduated sometime in 06'
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    Thats awesome man, Ive been thinking about doing something like that. Night classes or maybe saterdays or something. Id love to do it just for the sake of learning the stuff. Keep it up mate, ill be sure to drink one 'for you' when I get off work
    meh. -ech0.

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