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Thread: Is there any way to kill an unwanted process

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    Is there any way to kill an unwanted process

    Here is my ?

    I have a machine that won’t allow me to start a prog becuz a process is running. When I look at the process it comes up as PD*** PID 3854 PRI 8 THD 11 HND 229 PRIV 4444.

    I have used utils, command, progs, and task.

    I know all I have to do is re-boot the sys and everything will be fine.

    The question I have is there anyway that I can kill a process that will not die without rebooting?

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    To answer your question we need some more info..

    What kind of Operating System is this ?
    What utils, commands, progs and tasks have you used ?

    That would make answering a lot easier..
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    As the_Jinx said..we need more information on the OS and things you've tried..have you tried using ProKill by the way?I think it was done by White Scorpion from on here...

    Here's what it says on the site:

    ProKill is a Commandline process-viewer / killer. This program is much more powerful then the Windows taskmanager since it is able to kill even the Windows own processes and services.


    Hope that helped..cheers

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    the_JinX Hi,

    No problem,

    System operating system is a win xp pro with dos add-on utilities.

    Everything that I have found under internal DOS commands including Windows add-on utilities for XP will not kill it.

    As for external utilities and programs I have used all of system internals, sysscoperu, Daphne (nonags), Beyond logics sys utils, and many more, I have even tried BO2K+ (sic) just to try it.

    It is not a major problem the process only uses 8K - 36K of mem. It is a process to a program that I use; the bug comes in when Windows explorer has a problem.

    I am just wondering is there any way to kill such a thing without rebooting.


    No I have not tryed Prokill, but I will, thanks for the link.

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    Such a problem is very common in Windows systems.... Try to figure out what you recently installed on ur machine .. sometimes u install an application which doesnt fit well with other components in Windows Environment... Whenever u try to start windows explorer it gives an error message...isnt it.. .. A particular code of the newly installed application might be giving the problem...Also this is not the process running exactly otherwise the tools that u have used till now would have reported it... Try to repair ur windows explorer from ur boot CD ...
    May be the things will work..

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    Sometimes you can't kill a process because it is link to a service. Try to see if the process is started by a service and stop the service. If that is not the case i normally use pskill you can find it here . It will work most of the time.
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    You might try the active tasks and services features in WinPatrol:


    With the services, you have to display the info (radio button) and the next menu will let you stop it.

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    Have you tried procexp from Sysinternals? it would greatly help.


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    you could always try taskkill and tasklist (cmd line tools). They might just be the exec that taskmanager uses to kill things your tried to kill. Not sure. Another good cmd line tool I use is nkill, I've had some success with it in the past. Im gunna try the others that the people above me has recommended
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    Gonna have to check that proggy out jinxy

    Out of interest which process are you trying to stop? Some processes such as svchost.exe are external control processes and are often used by hackers.

    Also it is possible to perminantley terminate processes, not sure if u can do it while the process is running (if it is a process that only appears when it hogs the cpu) but what u have to do is go into regedit...

    this is what i had to do when i was having problems with the svchost.exe...

    Please note: Any and all advice presented in this post is presented as is. I am in no way responsible if you should render your system disabled. I merely present this information as an effort to share knowledge I have accumulated from my own mishaps.

    To know what services are launching svchost.exe, take a look at your services list in the administrative tools (start -> settings -> control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services). There will be a few things there that load that executable, most of them are rather innocuous. Not every one of the services listed will be using that file either. You will need to go through them one at a time and figure that out on your own. If you find one that you don't know about, research it and then disable it if you need to. If in doubt, you can always ask here.

    You need to find the "Last Modified" time of the listed executable. To begin this do the following :

    1. Open Regedit (start -> run -> type in regedit -> Press Okay)
    2. Back up the registry (file -> Export Registry File -> Set the range to all -> Choose your save in directory -> give the file a name -> click okay)
    3. Take a look at the following Reg Key : HKEY_LOCALMACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run
    4. Examine the values associated with Run. These are the items loading on boot. If you don't know what it is, then Google it. Once you know what it is, then either leave it or delete it. Either way, take note of the location of the exe cause you will be looking at the properties later on.
    5. Take a look at the following Reg Key : HKEY_LOCALMACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/RunOnce
    6. repeat step 4.
    7. Take a look at the following Reg Key :
    8. Repeat step 4.
    9. Take a look at the following Reg Key :
    10. Repeat step 4.
    11. Take a look at the following Reg Key :
    12. Repeat Step 4.
    13. Close your registry editor and start finding those executables you just took note of.
    14. Once you locate the executables and examine the last modified times of them. If they are windows executables and the times don't correspond with you default install times, then you will probably want to re-extract them from your windows CD Learn how to extract files, or the i386 files if you have them. If the files are not Windows files, but distributed by some other company, perhaps an uninstall and verification of the removal of their exe is in order. Take a look at their install files and see if they provide you with a files/ time list.
    You're kinda on your own from this point on as there is no simple answer that can be easily provided.

    Hope this helps mate!

    let me know how u get on
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