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    failure to mount on PC

    Sometimes I received from our client large files on CDs and Iomega ZIP discs that were created on a Mac, and those discs fail to mount on my PC. What instructions can I give those Mac users so that the discs they send me will mount on my PC? any idea...?

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    Hi 3nt3r

    This is only half-remembered and there may be better solutions these days.

    As I recall you need to create a "hybrid CD"? basically MACs use HFS or HFS+ and PCs use ISO9660

    Thet need some software that will create a "hybrid CD" try doing a Google search for:

    "HFS ISO Hybrid CD"

    There might be something similar for Iomega Zip disks? I know that when you buy them they are formatted either for MAC or PC because I bought some MAC ones cheap one time and had to reformat them.

    Otherwise they should copy the stuff to their file server and burn it in PC format for you?

    Good luck!

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    What OS is on the PC?

    I'm assuming Windows (but this should also work on Linux/BSD) I would suggest using something like FAT to format the disks with. But for CDs this doesn't matter. All systems use ISO9660 as a filesystem for CDs.

    Edit: Ah.. Nihil is right.. Forgot about HFS also being used for CDs..
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