Hey AO. My name is Jonathan Nettles, I'm an 0656 (Tactical Data Network Specialist) for the United States Marine Corps. My job is to set up networks in the field, maintain, administrate, and keep them secure (for the most part, we have Information Assurance Specialists for that also).

I used to be a member (Winds8929, if anyone remembers me), but quit the forums to get out and do some life-research. Well, I'm back for the most part, and may have a few questions as I think of them. I'll attempt to do my own research for the most part, as I don't want to annoy you playing 100 Questions, but some things I may need a personal or specialized view on. As I stated, I used to be a member here and I've posted/read alot of the posts, and find this to be a great community for security. Hopefully, I'll be able to be active and help out as much as I can with the more I learn.

For some personal background, I'm 18 (19 on Nov 1st). Blonde hair, blue eyes.. around 6', 150 lbs. I am fascinated with network security, and even though I don't know much (other than basic network security and information assurance), but I'm learning all I can.

Anyways, that's enough about myself for now I'm sure.. hope to see ya' around.