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Thread: Last Supper

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    Last Supper

    Is it true that there's a woman included in the painting of "Last Supper" by DaVinci?
    If is it true.... then who is she...?

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    Mother Marry, what good boy doesn't invite his mom to dinner?

    (note: I googled, no idea.)
    meh. -ech0.

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    ech0 did a good sugestion..


    http://www.lisashea.com/hobbies/art/lastsupper.html (first hit on "Last Supper" "Da Vinci")

    I'd also bet there are better forums for this kind of chat..
    Like Christian Singles or something
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    It's a long standing myth/rumour/suspicion not sure what the appropriate word is. It's been highlighted by the sucess of the Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown claims it's all fact (which it isn't).

    The person on Jesus's right in the picture of the last supper is supposedly a women. Dan Brown (amongst others) claims that this is actually a picture of Mary Magdalene.

    The painted person certainly looks feminine but I don't think you could claim any more than that.


    Personally I agree with the About.com writer. I think Da Vinci had a sense of humour and liked to piss people off a bit.

    As for seeing codes in the picture, I don't think so. You can see anything you like if you look hard enough. If it was a code, Da Vinci might have a place in the forum after all, for using covert channels.

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    If it was a code, Da Vinci might have a place in the forum after all, for using covert channels
    The earliest example of steganography?

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