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Thread: Online bank to protect customers against phising

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    Thumbs up Online bank to protect customers against phising

    Just came across this link on my Google homepage. I know that lots of people can be socially engineered into giving out personal information and then having their bank accounts cleared out and identities nicked, and if it had not be for AO and everything I have learned on here about phising, then I too would probably have given sensitive information out. Thankfully though this issue is being taken seriously and hopefully one day all banks will do the same. I use internet banking and if anything went wrong I would just go into my local branch and take it up with them. But it's not always that easy for people who use only virtual banks.


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    Hey Hey,

    This is an interesting Concept... E*TRADE Financial has also recently adopted this technique and I'm glad to see it's happening.. Their commercials are quite intriguing...

    Here's a newslink for E*TRADE http://www.techweb.com/wire/security/60404355

    And here's the enrollment link that includes the OTP device https://us.etrade.com/e/t/jumppage/v...secureid_enter

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    I actualy bank (online) with Barclays, they offer a fraud guarantee. There are quite a few caveats though :http://www.personal.barclays.co.uk/B...2231&menu=2654
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    I do online transactions with rabobank..

    Some info on the system they use: http://www.smartaxis.gr/Essay%20Strn...%20&%20PKI.pdf

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