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Thread: Maybe this should be in tech humor

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    Maybe this should be in tech humor


    Now, in the most bizarre turn yet in the record industry's piracy struggles, stars Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters and Switchfoot -- and even Sony BMG, when the label gets complaints -- are telling fans how they can beat the system.
    "The bad thing is that you are almost promoting what you are trying to protect against," Brown says. "You are upsetting the fan that went out and purchased the record."

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    The parts of the article that you quoted are out of context. The bands are telling fans how to "beat the system" because they believe that fans should be able to listen to a record that they bought in either mp3 form, or on their iPod.

    "The bad thing is that you are almost promoting what you are trying to protect against," Brown says. "You are upsetting the fan that went out and purchased the record."
    Is another sensational statement from a record exec. I for one am NOT upset that I can de-activate the DRM on a CD I bought so that I can listen to it on my portable device, nor do I feel violated in any way.
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    I'm not gonna say told you so.. (couse I couldn't find any old threads where I did in 5 minutes)

    But.. Told You so !!

    And (bit off-topic) same goes for terrorism! (damn I said it again)
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    Re: Maybe this should be in tech humor

    Being an Information Security web site, my comments are more inline of a security policy narrative point-of-view...

    Broken security model

    If the objects you are intending to protect (or their benefactors) help users subvert the implemented security measures, you might have a problem with your security policy.
    *wink wink* *nod nod* not included. Security policies aren't worth the paper they are written on if no one adheres to them. One of the reasons policy is written, documented, reviewed, approved, and communicated is to help educate users and control activity in circumstances where overt controls may not be effective. If your users actively disagree with the policy, and actively subvert it...well, in a private company they'd likely be fired. In a contractual agreement between a popular artist and the whoringmiddlemen^U recording labels and promoters, I believe the lable has more to lose than the artist, if a contract is in breach. So when the artist goes out of their way to help their fans disable the labels DRM, it is a pretty blatant statement that the labels have the WRONG perspective and policy with 'rights management'.
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